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From a young age, Mareli Scott had the belief that she was destined for greatness buried deep inside of her. She believed it with her whole heart although reality begged to differ. Even though she struggled to fit in at her new high school, she made a decision to not change herself or her beliefs for anyone else, even if it meant not having a lot of friends. She believed that people would someday appreciate her for who she is.
After completing high school, Mareli chose to grab this new chapter life was handing her with both hands: university...

Mareli got involved in a student organization called Vividus Day House. Escaping the box she couldn't fit into, she made a lot of friends and blossomed. By the end of her first year at the University of Pretoria, she was elected as Sport Executive Committee Member of Vividus Day House which earned her the responsibility of coördinating all sport-related activities. She grew tremendously and gained a lot of valuable organizational experience. By this time Vividus Day House had grown so big, boasting more than 1000 members, that the men and ladies had to split into two separate Day Houses.

The following year, Mareli pushed herself even further and was elected as Chairwoman (Primaria) of the biggest Ladies Day House in South Africa, Vividus Ladies Day House, boasting more than 700 members during 2008. This role stretched her comfort zone even further and helped her turn some of her greatest fears and weaknesses into strengths: public speaking and business management. The same year she co-scripted and hosted a few episodes of "MK Kampus", a popular South African television show on DSTV.  Huge accomplishment for someone who was previously very shy and insecure.

Mareli's story certainly doesn't end here and you can expect even greater things from her in the future. Connect with Mareli and join her journey on social media:

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